Art Glass designs by Don Gonzalez range from functional to sculptural.   His current focus is art glass designs for architecture, inspired by his study of Venetian art and architecture. Don began his career in studio glass art in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at Carnegie Mellon University. His home and hot glass studio, Echo Beach Glass, are located in rural Stockton, New Jersey. Don is the recipient of four artist fellowship awards from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and was appointed by the governor to serve a term on the Arts Councils' Board of Directors. He is the recipient of a 5 month residency fellowship from Creative Glass Center of America at Wheaton Arts.  His vessels and sculptures are in numerous private collections and the public collections of :


                                                                          The Newark Museum,  Newark, NJ  three works of art

                                                                          The New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, NJ  four works of art    

                                                                          Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Arts, Millville, NJ

                                                                          Hunter Museum, Chatanooga, Tennessee.

                                                                          White House Holiday Collection, Washington, DC  two ornaments

                                                                          Kohler Museum, Sheboygan, Wisconson

                                                                          James A. Michener Museum of Art, Doylestown, PA


The current focus of Don's work is sand cast glass and metal sculptures. Blown and cast glass for architectural inclusion is also an area of interest, as evidenced by the commissions of blown glass windows in the restored former carriage house of a palazzo built in the 14th century in Florence, Italy, and the installation of a mobile for the collection of David Stoller in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Don also creates vessels of blown glass where a primary design focus is on the translucent and reflective properties of the material. Images and details of  Dons full range of sculptural and functional work can be found on this website. The sculptural and architectural work is generally designed site specific, so contact us for site  design consultation.