Vintage Murano Glass

For the past several years, I have become immersed in the study of the Art and Architecture of Venice, Italy. Naturally, my attention has been drawn to Modern Murano Glass and Antique Venetian Glass. Murano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon that has been primarily inhabited by glassblowers, for more than 1000 years. While I am thoroughly fascinated with the contemporary art glass created there today, I have become particularly interested in the modernist movement that occurred on Murano from 1920 to 1980. During these years the glass artists of Murano were heavily influenced by the Modernist Art movement. These influences, combined with the technical expertise in glass making that the Murano glass artisans mastered over many centuries, produced a stunning array of glass forms in vibrant colors and with innovative surface treatments that are unique and have become highly collectible. I've been finding amazing technical feats from this fertile period of Italian Glass making at antique markets, estate sales and auction houses. As my collection grows, I have decided to make some of these amazing works of Modern Murano glass available to the market. This will help sustain my hunt, which has turned into great fun!


Check out my collection  of 20th Century Murano Glass, ECHO BEACH GLASS, online at Click on the browse button to access the full collection, and then click on the thumbnail photo for a full view of the detail in these fine works of Italian art glass.  


Below are some examples of Vintage Murano Glass:

Dino Martens for Toso
Gio Ponti


Anzolo Fuga: Arcobaleno
Fratelli Toso


Archimede Seguso

Flavio Poli attr.

Alfredo Barbini