Two-day weekend workshop, 10 am - 5 pm
$250 per person

Weekend glassblowing and glass-casting workshops will be offered at the hot glass studio of Don Gonzalez this fall. Students will acquire a hands-on working knowledge of glassblowing. Basic control of the glass and several shapes and color application techniques will be covered. Each 2-day workshop will have four students. You will leave with a minimum of 5 pieces of your own hand-blown glass.

Available dates for spring 2020: Postponed due to Covid-19


One-day private workshop, 10 am - 5pm
$400 per person

Private glassblowing classes can be arranged to accommodate a busy schedule. This is an ideal situation for someone with limited experience who wants to improve basic glassblowing skills or for those curious about the art of glassblowing who prefer a private lesson.  I have 17 years of teaching glassblowing on the college level and am well-versed in glassblowing instruction.  Many of my former students are working in the glass arts field. One day in my studio will save you hundreds of hours of trial and error and $!

Available dates for spring 2020: Postponed due to Covid-19


Casting glass in sand:

Two-day weekend workshop, 10 am - 5 pm
$225 per person

The weekend glass-casting workshops will focus on creating and building sculptures, tiles and vessels employing the sand-casting technique.  Whether your approach is functional or sculptural, the sand-casting process has unlimited surface design possibilities.  You can carve freehand in the sand, or transfer the image of just about any shape or object into the sand to achieve surface decoration or a theme.  Inclusions of shapes made from copper sheet, screen, or wire, and colored glass threads are possible to augment your designs.  The process involves designing in the negative in sand, and then pouring hot glass into the negative space.  See the SCULPTURE and PORTFOLIO sections of the website to see some examples of my studies in the sand casting technique.  Sand casting is an exciting process that doesn't require the glassblower's skills and is an excellent opportunity for established artists to explore a new medium.   The casting workshops will be held on Saturday and Sunday and can accommodate 6 people. If you are interested in the sand casting glass process you are welcome to visit my home/studio in advance of the casting workshop so I can help you plan a productive casting session.  Student will create 3 castings each day.

Available dates for spring 2020: Postponed due to Covid-19

Privates for both Glassblowing and Sand Casting can also be arranged.

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